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Westview Towers, Knoxville, TN

Property Details

240 1 bed/1 bath units

Product Installed

Two iQ751s


A-1 Plumbing

Meeting Big Needs with Small Solutions

The management of this large apartment building knew they needed to upgrade their inefficient boiler and storage tank setup. Intellihot’s units saved them not only space, but also operating costs, a staggering 42% drop over ten months. 

"We were considering upgrading our inefficient boiler and storage tank setup with something that was high-efficiency and condensing, however, equipment cost was our initial concern. Ultimately, we decided to go with the Intellihot iQ751 product for two main reasons. 1) It utilized a robust, stainless heat exchanger design and 2) we could eliminate our storage entirely. We also wanted overall system reliability that came with having multiple heat exchangers inside each cabinet for built-in redundancy. After a full year of monitoring our gas utility bills with the new Intellihot equipment, we have saved approximately 42% over the last 12 months." - David Farmer, Vice President 


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The Challenge

The building was operating with two 1600 MBH boilers and two 350 gallon uninsulated tanks. This bulky, inefficient setup was not only a drain on their monthly gas consumption, but it had also become a constant maintenance item.

The Intellihot Solution

Two iQ751 units were installed providing unparalleled system reliability by offering a built-in, redundancy factor of 6X. These high efficiency units modulate to match building demand, at the same time, significantly reducing gas consumption by eliminating the constant need to heat and store water 24/7.

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